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General Guidelines


  • Persons who want to participate in a hearing shall notify Commission staff five (5) days in advance of the scheduled hearing.
  • The Commission attempts to prioritize hearings in consideration of security issues, or the presence of victims, attorneys, and visitors.
  • All persons attending any hearing will conduct themselves in a respectful manner and will not disrupt the proceedings.
  • Visitors may not bring food or drink into the institution or hearing room.
  • In compliance with the Idaho Indoor Air Act, smoking is not permitted in the hearing room, hallways, restrooms, or the lobby area of the hearing facility.
  • Purses and other belongings shall be left in locked vehicles and not brought into the institution.
  • No one under sixteen (16) years of age will be allowed to attend the hearings without the prior approval of the Executive Director of the Commission.
  • Visitors will be properly groomed: No tank tops, halter tops, see-through clothing, miniskirts, mini dresses, bare midriffs, cut-offs, shorts or bare feet will be allowed. Please read for more information regarding the Idaho Department of Correction Visiting Rules for Inmates and Visitors, specifically section (6) regarding attire and grooming. Failing to abide by this dress code will result in the visitor being turned away.
  • Visitors and media personnel may be screened through metal detectors and are subject to search per Department of Correction policy.
  • Media personnel will not be allowed to utilize the meeting area, which may disrupt the hearing, to interview inmates, attorneys or witnesses prior to, during or after the hearing. Arrangements for interviewing the Commissioners or staff should be made in advance.
  • Visitors and media personnel violating these rules of conduct may be removed for at least the remainder of the day. Rules will be enforced at the direction of the Commission or security staff and, if not adhered to, the proceedings will be stopped and will commence only at the direction of the Commission.
  • There will be no physical contact between visitors and inmates/parolees at any parole or other hearing.
  • The capacity of the hearing room shall not exceed fire and safety codes.


Hearing Guidelines


  • All hearing attendees will be invited into the hearing room and instructed on where to sit.
  • The hearing will be opened and, due to time constraints, the Commission will only allow one (1) witness of family or friends of the inmate to testify. Those who provide testimony will be allotted one (1) minute per person and will be taken at the direction of the Commission (at the beginning or end of the hearing).
  • All persons who testify will direct their comments to the Commission. Please keep your comments to the appropriateness of parole from your perspective when testifying. The Commission may question anyone who provides testimony and may ask questions of anyone who appears at the hearing.
  • The Commission will conduct each hearing by interviewing the inmate. Each Commissioner will have an opportunity to ask questions and/or provide comments.
  • If the inmate is represented by an attorney, the Commission will allow the attorney a designated time frame in which to provide information to the Commission. As time is limited, the Commission will advise of the length of time allowed.
  • Parole, commutation, or pardon hearings are not judicial proceedings and cross-examination by attorneys is not allowed.
  • Victims will be allowed to testify. Victim testimony is normally taken following the comments of an attorney and family or friends of the inmate.
  • Following the conclusion of the hearing and testimony of witnesses, everyone but the Commission and Commission staff will leave the hearing room while the Commission deliberates on the case.
  • Once the deliberation is completed, all witnesses will be asked back into the hearing room. The decision of the Commission will be given at that time. The Commission does not allow debate of their decision nor additional comments from anyone unless the Commission specifically requests them.
  • Department of Correction personnel are invited to attend any hearing, following established Department and Commission policy.


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