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Interstate Compact

Offenders who wish to apply for transfer of parole supervision to another state must be eligible for transfer under the Interstate Compact, and the receiving state must accept the transfer before release or transfer can be completed.

Offender Eligibility

If an individual is subject to supervision due to the commission of a felony or certain Misdemeanants (See ICAOS rule 2.105) and meets one of the following transfer criteria, they may be eligible for supervision by another state on Idaho’s behalf:

  • A resident living in the receiving state at least one year prior to the offense
  • A resident family member(s) lives in the receiving state for at least six months and has means of support/employment
  • Military deployment (or live with family deployed by the military)
  • Involuntary employment transfer to another state as a condition of maintaining employment (or live with family whose employment transfers involuntarily)
  • Other:  Considered at the discretion of the receiving state provided sufficient documentation justifies the transfer

All offenders must post a $500.00 bond, payable to the Commission of Pardons and Parole. An application fee of $100.00 is required and is payable to the Idaho Department of Correction. Incarcerated offenders must post bond prior to release or prior to acceptance under the Interstate Compact. Transfers of supervision for offenders currently on parole must be approved by the Commission or the Executive Director, and the bond must be posted in advance of this approval.

Bond payments may be paid online (with an added convenience fee of 3%). Payments may also be posted at the Commission office at 3056 Elder St., Boise, ID 83705 in the form of a cashier’s check or money order. Personal checks will not be accepted.

 To make a bond payment online click here.


  • Failure to successfully complete parole may be grounds for forfeiture of the bond.
  • Upon successful completion of parole, the amount of the bond may be returned to the payee, less an administrative fee.
  • A request for return of the bond must be made within one (1) year of successful discharge of the offense for which the offender was serving parole.

For more information on interstate compact and the interstate compact process, click here.




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