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The Commission of Pardons and Parole will contribute to public safety by utilizing sound, professional judgment, and evidence-based parole decision-making practices.

The Commission of Pardons and Parole is composed of 37 staff members and seven (7) part-time Commissioners. Parole in Idaho is not presumptive – the Commissioners retain full discretion in parole decision making. In addition to making decisions as to whether to grant, deny, or revoke parole, the Commission also decides whether to grant petitions for pardon, commutation, and restoration of firearm rights. Commission hearing sessions are held in Boise during a 2-3 week period each month and are open to the public.


The building lobby is closed:


To minimize the impact of COVID-19, our building is temporarily closed.
Our staff will continue to work and are available to support you.
You can reach us by phone, fax, website, or mail.


You are welcome to call for assistance:
Call us: 208-334-2520

You can still send us documents at:

3056 Elder Street
Boise, ID 83705





The Commission of Pardons and Parole has been monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak and modifying hearing processes accordingly. On March 18th, Governor Little issued a proclamation stating that for the duration of the emergency declaration related to COVID-19, the portion of the Open Meetings Act that requires public agencies to have a physical location for public meetings is suspended. All other requirements remain in place, including providing the public with the ability to attend public meetings by telecommunication devices.


The public’s ability to safely attend hearings during the COVID outbreak is of utmost importance to the Commission. With that in mind, the Commission is implementing the following processes-                                


Beginning Monday, April 6th:


    • To use a cell phone, download the WebEx Meet app in your app store and follow the prompts.
    • The hearing session meeting number and password for the day’s hearings are below. You will not hear or see anyone until the hearing begins:
      • Meeting number: 969 117 159 
      • Password: jbMMgJu5N43


  • Opportunities for testimony via WebEx will remain the same:
    • To testify, you must give at least 48 hours notice to the Commission by emailing or calling 208-334-2520.
    • One Victim or Victim Representative will be allowed to testify at the end of the hearing
    • One Attorney will be allowed to testify at the end of the hearing
    • One Inmate Family Member or Supporter, who has already given advance notice to the Commission, will be allowed to testify at the beginning of the hearing


  • A Commission staff member will keep a list of those who asked to testify at least 48 hours in advance.


  • The Commission will call on those people when it is their turn to testify, you will be muted by Commission staff until it is your designated time to testify to minimize background noise.


  • Please maintain appropriate dress and conduct while on video. If your behavior is disruptive or inappropriate you may be removed from the meeting by Commission staff.


  • The public will be placed on hold while the Commission deliberates during executive session. The WebEx session will resume when executive session is over.   


  • To avoid the public waiting for their hearing on WebEx for a lengthy period of time, the hearing order is posted below. When hearings are completed the inmate’s name will be struck through by Commission staff.


Thursday April 9, 2020

# IDOC# Name
1. 109127 Brown, Bronson
2. 92949 Waltman, Justin
3. 123802 Borgeman, Jeremy
4. 119856 Harrington, Michael
5. 110455 Knecht, Brandon
6. 124760 Perez, Gabriel
7. 119267 Turnbull, Bravis
8. 98849 Crawford, Joshua
9. 100824 Siegfried, Randy
10. 18269 Herrera, Valentino
11. 121616 Pixler, Matthew
12. 92637 Mondargon, Anthony
13. 62645 Rodriguez, Ramon
14. 112412 Pearce, Sean
15. 110663 Gomez, Jesus
16. 98551 Thomas-Enlowe, Trevor
17. 112427 Quilimaco, Daniel
18. 116538 Thiel, Corey
19. 113282 McCreary, James


Contact Information:
Phone: (208) 334-2520
Fax: (208) 334-3501
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