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Commission COVID-19 Public Inquiries

The Commission took a proactive approach to reviewing tentative parole dates and re-reviewing cases early in the pandemic. The Commission will continue to hold parole hearings and will continue to discuss options for cases in which individuals are already parole eligible. The Commission is not accepting requests for specific cases to be reviewed.

If your loved one has been granted a tentative parole date but is not yet scheduled for release, they need to complete programming and have their parole plan approved by IDOC prior to release. Please have your loved one discuss concerns about a release date with their case manager.

At this time, the Commission is not waiving the requirement for inmates to complete risk-reducing programming prior to release. IDOC is working on resuming programming as soon as it is safe to do so. Questions about when programming will resume can be directed toward individual IDOC facilities. The Commission will continue to review practices with IDOC as the current situation evolves.

IDOC has taken steps to increase cleaning and sanitation in prison facilities and has worked with their medical provider to identify and quarantine individuals who are vulnerable to COVID-19 due to age or medical conditions. If you have questions about IDOC’s response or specific concerns about an individual in their custody, please contact IDOC Constituent Services at

Our Mission

The Commission of Pardons and Parole will contribute to public safety by utilizing sound, professional judgment, and evidence-based parole decision-making practices.

The Commission of Pardons and Parole is composed of 37 staff members and seven (7) part-time Commissioners. Parole in Idaho is not presumptive – the Commissioners retain full discretion in parole decision making. In addition to making decisions as to whether to grant, deny, or revoke parole, the Commission also decides whether to grant petitions for pardon, commutation, and restoration of firearm rights. Commission hearing sessions are held in Boise during a 2-3 week period each month and are open to the public.


The Commission of Pardons and Parole has been monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak and modifying hearing processes accordingly. The public’s ability to safely attend hearings during the COVID outbreak is of utmost importance to the Commission. The Commission is continuing to hold hearings via WebEx. Victims may testify virtually, and supporters may also testify if they have provided notice to the Commission five days prior to the hearing. For more information on attending hearings, WebEx, daily hearings order, please see the information below. The public is strongly encouraged to use WebEx to attend the hearings, and Commissioners and inmates will also be appearing virtually.

To meet the requirement in the Open Meetings Act for a physical location, the Executive Director will be present at the Idaho State Police (ISP) District 3 Office at 700 S. Stratford Drive, Meridian, Idaho. If you would like to attend hearings in person at the ISP office, please contact the Commission at least 24 hours in advance at 208-334-2520. ISP cannot answer questions about hearings or Commission processes, so please only call the Commission with questions. Those attending in person at the ISP office must dress appropriately, have no weapons or illegal drugs, and have an ID available. You will be asked to wear a mask and comply with social distancing guidelines.

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