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The Idaho Commission of Pardons and Parole is composed of 37 staff members operating three (3) divisions, and seven (7) part-time Commissioners from across the state. Commission staff are professionals committed to carrying out the mission of the Idaho Commission of Pardons and Parole.


Division Duties and Responsibilities


Business Operations Division The Business Operations Division is responsible for scheduling, coordinating, and facilitating Commission hearings and ensuring that the Commissioners have the information they need to make informed decisions. They are responsible for creating the official records of hearings and management of those records. They are responsible for collecting and analyzing statistical data, preparing parole contracts, managing the agency’s budget, and fielding communications from the public and other agencies. Business Operations Division staff are also responsible for assisting the victims of offenders who are scheduled for hearings and release to the community.
Parole Hearing Investigator Division The Parole Hearing Investigator Division is responsible for gathering information and writing comprehensive reports for all offenders considered for release to parole.  This process involves conducting interviews with offenders and seeking out information from collateral sources including, but not limited to, the offender’s prior criminal history, details of the offense for which the offender is incarcerated, and other aggravating and mitigating factors.  Investigators explore the offender’s prior field supervision history, institutional behavior, and involvement in institutional programming.  They also seek information on the offender’s social history and their plans if released on parole.
Violation Hearing Officer Division Violation Hearing Officers are responsible for conducting fact-finding hearings for offenders who are alleged to have violated their terms of parole while assuring that the offender has been afforded all due process rights. During the fact-finding hearing, a Hearing Officer will consider the alleged violation along with any evidence submitted and testimony presented to reach a fair and impartial decision. This information is submitted in the form of a detailed findings report for the Parole Commissioners’ consideration.
Parole Commissioners Individuals appointed by the Governor to carry out decision-making functions regarding parole, parole revocation, pardon, commutation, remission of fines, and firearm rights restoration.
  Parole Commission Leadership
Ashley Dowell, Executive Director
Shelly Anzuoni, Violation Hearing Officer Supervisor
James Keller, Parole Hearing Investigator Supervisor
Dawn Howell, Business Operations Manager
Parole Commissioners
Janie Dressen
Terry Kirkham
Mike Matthews
Patrick McDonald
Michael Ross
Scott Smith
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