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Commission Hearing/Review Decisions

The Commission publishes a Notice of Action Taken five (5) business days following the last day of each hearing session by the end of the business day. This Notice includes decisions made on all PV Disposition Reviews conducted on that review date.  Summary minutes of any hearing or review may be requested pursuant to the Idaho Public Records Act.  For more information regarding requesting summary minutes visit our Public Information Request page under the About Us tab. If an offender is granted a tentative parole date, the Commission sets the actual release date. Parole dates reflected are “TENTATIVE” and no offender will be released before the date reflected. Offenders must complete programs as required, and their parole plans must be approved by IDOC before the actual release date may be finalized.


The 2021 Notices of Action Taken documents will be posted on the following days, for the designated hearing months.  Click on the month and year link to review a copy of that month’s Notice of Action Taken:


January 2021 – 1/29/2021
February 2021 – 3/3/2021
March 2021 – 4/1/2021
April 2021 – 4/30/2021
May 2021 – 6/3/2021
June 2021 – 7/02/2021
July 2021 – 7/30/2021
August 2021 – 9/1/2021
September 2021 – 10/01/2021
October 2021 – 10/28/2021
November 2021 – 11/24/2021
December 2021 – 12/30/2021


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