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Commission Hearing Schedule

Due to circumstances beyond the Commission’s control, all hearing dates and times are subject to change. Changes to the schedule will be updated on this page.


The Commission of Pardons and Parole holds hearings via Webex. Victims may testify virtually, and supporters may also testify if they have provided notice to the Commission five days prior to the hearing. For more information on attending hearings, Webex, daily hearings order, please see the information below.

The public is strongly encouraged to use WebEx to attend the hearings, and Commissioners and inmates will also be appearing virtually.

To meet the requirement in the Open Meetings Act for a physical location, the Executive Director will be present at the Idaho State Police (ISP) District 3 Office at 700 S. Stratford Drive, Meridian, Idaho. If you would like to attend hearings in person at the ISP office, please contact the Commission at least 24 hours in advance at 208-334-2520. ISP cannot answer questions about hearings or Commission processes, so please only call the Commission with questions. Those attending in person at the ISP office must dress appropriately, have no weapons or illegal drugs, and have an ID available. You will be required to wear a mask and comply with social distancing guidelines.

You can access Webex with these options:

  • To use a computer or electronic device with internet service, click the following link:

  • To use a cell phone, download the Webex Meet app in your app store and follow the prompts.
  • The hearing session meeting number and password for the day’s hearings are available below and will be updated throughout the session.
  • Opportunities for testimony via Webex will remain the same:
  • To testify at a hearing, you must give at least 5 days notice to the Commission.  This can be done by by emailing, or calling 208-334-2520.
  • One Victim or Victim Representative will be allowed to testify at the end of the hearing
  • One Attorney will be allowed to testify at the end of the hearing
  • One Inmate Family Member or Supporter, who has already given 5 day advance notice to the Commission, will be allowed to testify at the beginning of the hearing. Please use the name you provided to us when you log into Webex so we are able to identify you.
  • The Commission will call on those people when it is their turn to testify, you will be muted by Commission staff until it is your designated time to testify to minimize background noise.
  • Please maintain appropriate dress and conduct while on video. If your behavior is disruptive or inappropriate you may be removed from the meeting by Commission staff.
  • The public will be placed on hold while the Commission deliberates during executive session. Once the Executive session has ended, you will be able to enter the meeting room.
  • To avoid the public waiting for their hearing on Webex for a lengthy period of time, the hearing order is posted below. When hearings are completed the inmate’s name will be struck through by Commission staff.

WebEx Meeting Information:

WebEx Call In Number (toll): 415-655-0001

WebEx Meeting Number:  177 953 1626

WebEx Meeting Password: TgSBvGPW553

                                                                  Join from the meeting link:


Parole Hearings 2/24/21-


Session is opened and closed publicly. 

All reviews are conducted in Executive Session; in which inmates and the public are not present.

Please see the February 2021 schedule (link below) for cases to be reviewed.


The 2021 Commission Hearing schedules will be posted on the following days, by the end of business.  Click on the month and year link to review a copy of that month’s hearing schedule:


  1. January 2021 -12/24/2020
  2. February 2021 -01/29/2021
  3. March 2021 -02/26/2021
  4. April 2021 -03/26/2021
  5. May 2021 -04/30/2021
  6. June 2021 -05/28/2021
  7. July 2021 -06/25/2021
  8. August 2021 -07/30/2021
  9. September 2021 -08/27/2021
  10. October 2021 -09/24/2021
  11. November 2021 -10/22/2021
  12. December 2021 -11/26/2021
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