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Restoration of Firearms Rights Request Information

Per Idaho Code §18-310, a sentence of custody to the Idaho Board of Corrections suspends a person’s civil rights, including the right to ship, transport, possess or receive a firearm. For certain offenses identified in Idaho Code §18-310, restoration of these rights may only occur through application to, and granting by, the Idaho Commission of Pardons and Parole. Please note: persons convicted of a  felony  identified in Idaho Code 18-310(2)that have had their conviction  reduced to a misdemeanor pursuant to Idaho Code 19-2604(2) may still need their firearm rights restored by the Commission prior to possessing firearms.


If applying for a pardon, there is NO need to file an application for firearm rights restoration. Firearms rights are restored if a pardon is granted. Conviction of a misdemeanor does not cause a loss of firearms rights under Idaho law, however, conviction of certain misdemeanors may cause a loss of rights under Federal law and a pardon may have the effect of restoring Federal firearms rights in this circumstance.


Please consult with an attorney for further clarification regarding firearm rights.


Requirements that must be met prior to applying for restoration of firearm rights:

  • Application must be submitted no sooner than 5-years after discharge of felony sentences.
  • Applications for restoration of firearms rights can only be submitted once every 12-months, unless specified by the Commission.
  • If applying for a pardon, there is NO need to file an application for firearm rights restoration. Firearms rights are restored if a pardon is granted.
  • Download the Restoration of Firearms Rights Application or contact the Parole Commission office for further information regarding how to obtain an application.
  • Those currently incarcerated or being supervised for a felony and/or misdemeanor convictions do not qualify for restoration of firearm rights.
  • Completed application in its entirety.
  • Identification of reason for requesting restoration of firearms rights.
  • Certified copies of all court judgment and conviction orders for each felony crime listed in the application. Idaho Repository or ROA printouts from the Court will not be accepted.
  • Verification of Court ordered fines, fees, and restitution are paid in full.
  • Incorrectly completed applications or those lacking required documentation will be returned to the applicant and not processed.
    • Application must be the original application with an original signature.
    • Applications must be legible.
    • Mail application and all required additional documents and supporting materials to:

Idaho Commission of Pardons and Parole
3056 Elder Street
Boise, Idaho 83705

  • Upon receipt of an application, an investigation will be conducted. That investigation will include, but is not limited to, a criminal records check, employment history check, applicant’s status as a good citizen, and investigation into any other prosocial accomplishments in the applicant’s life since satisfaction of sentence.
  • This investigation may include a face-to-face or telephone interview with the applicant.
  • A report will be prepared and forwarded to the Commission.
  • A hearing will be scheduled during the months of January, April, July, and October in open session and a decision will be reached by the Commission regarding the request for restoration during that hearing.
  • This process restores firearm privileges only. No other civil rights are restored through this process.

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