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The Parole Commission has the statutory authority to grant pardons for certain crimes. A pardon is an act of clemency which restores a person's civil rights. The pardon does not expunge, remove, or reduce the crime(s) from the applicant's criminal history. It only notes the crime(s) has been pardoned. If applying for a pardon, there is NO need to file an application for firearm rights restoration. Firearms rights are restored if a pardon is granted. For more information regarding the authority of the Parole Commission, requirements that must be met prior to filing applications, and decision making processes, click on the links below.

Pardon Application Information

Our Administrative Rules and pardon and firearm restoration applications are in the Adobe Acrobat Format (PDF). PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader be installed on your computer to properly view, complete and print our rules. Follow this link if you need to obtain the free Acrobat Reader.