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Commission Decisions

The Commission publishes a notice of action taken 5 business days following the last day of each hearing session by the end of the business day, which can be accessed through this page.  This list gives the decisions made for all hearings and reviews. Anyone may request the summary minutes from the Commission staff to obtain further information regarding a hearing or review.  Minutes are not ver batum and there are no recordings taken.  They are summary minutes as required by Rule.  You may request minutes by sending your address, along with the inmate's name and IDOC number, and review/hearing date, to the Commission office at PO Box 83720 Statehouse Mail, Boise, Idaho 83720-1807.

If offenders receive tentative parole dates, the Commission sets the actual release dates.  Parole dates listed are “TENTATIVE” and no offender is released prior to those dates. However, offenders must finish programs as noted and their parole plans must be approved by IDOC before their release dates are set.


The 2017 Commission decisions will be posted on the following days by the end of the business day:

January 2017 - 02/03/17
July 2017 - 08/01/17
February 2017 - 02/24/17
August 2017 - 08/17/17
March 2017 - 03/24/17
September 2017 - 10/2/17
April 2017 - 04/21/17
October 2017 - 10/27/17
May 2017 - 05/26/17
November 2017 - 11/24/17
June 2017 - 06/23/17
December 2017 - 12/23/17