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Sandy Jones
Executive Director


Lisa Bostaph

Janie Dressen

Mike H. Matthews

R. David Moore

Gary Scheihing

Matt Wetherell, Dep. Director/Hearing Officer Manager
Molly Vaughn, Victim Coordinator
 (Vacant) Administrative Assistant II
Amanda Sandoval, Office Specialist II
Dea Kellom, Office Specialist II
Tod King, Office Specialist I
(Vacant), Hearing Officer Assistant
Lori Chacartegui, Violation Administrative Assistant
Connie Morgan, Hearings Manager
Ruth Bartlett, Appeals/Hearing Tech
(Vacant), Office Specialist II
Michelle Day, Financial Specialist
Mary Schoeler, Legal Assistant

Hearing Officers
David Atkinson
Tanya Barrineau
Steve Brood
Dianna Carnell
Jeremey Cowles
Christine Diaz
Sarina Fifer
Felicia Forbus
Ricky Forbus
Dawn Howell
James Keller
Thomas Knoff
W. "Lee" Maddox
Ron Parks
Christina Proctor
Norma Rodriguez
Janie St. Paul
Shelly Smith

Summary of Duties


Have authority to grant parole, pardons, and commutations. The Commissioners can also revoke parole, conduct file reviews, disciplinary reviews, and review applications for appeal.

Executive Director

Administers all matters of Commission Business.

Management Assistant

Acts for the Executive Director in her absence. Answers or redirects all correspondence from the public, inmates, and other government agencies. Compiles information and develops reports and recommendations for the Commission and Executive Director. Plans, organizes, and implements special projects.

Victim Coordinator

Provides statewide services to victims of crime after the defendant is sentenced and committed to the Dept. of Correction. Provides crime victims the opportunity to participate during the parole consideration process. Helps victims throughout the parole process.

Administrative Assistant II

Prepares parole contracts, parole discharges, pardons, disciplinary reviews, parole plans, interstate bonds, assists the Executive Director.

Hearing Officer Assistant

Assists the Hearing Officers in preparing files, requesting information, conducting background investigations, and in preparation of Parole Hearing Reports.

Violation Administrative Assistant I

Assists the Violation Hearing Officers with scheduling, file preparation, warrant coordination, and other matters of due process. Coordinates communications between Violation Hearing Officers and Parole Officers.

Hearings Manager

Manages parole hearing process. Insures parole hearings are scheduled as required, Administers process for self-initiated progress reports, commutation petitions, requests for early discharge, and miscellaneous file reviews. Prepares hearing minutes, calculates time forfeited on parole, and audits hearing decision data.

Hearing Manager Assistants

Assists the Hearings Manager in his/her duties. Prepares information for the Commissions review.

Hearing Officers

Conduct parole hearings and make recommendations to the Commissioners. Gather information, verify facts, and prepare written reports for the Commissioners' review.

Conduct parole violation hearings and make findings of fact. Ensure that due process is followed. Prepare written reports with recommendations for the Commissioners' review.